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Product ID: 2730    Category: Electric Pasta Machines
PastaMaster 3000PRO by Lello
Description: PastaMaster PM3000 is a full cycle pasta maker for home use and a pasta maker that mixes and kneads the dough. - Produces 3 Lbs. of fresh pasta in about 15 minutes by placing flour and eggs (or water)into the bowl. - Lid with microswitch for safe operation. - Included with the machine 8 extruder Discs with different shapes: (#1) Cappellini (angelís hair), (#2) Spaghetti, (#5) Linguine, (#6) Tagliatella media (small fettuccine), (#9) Sfoglia (lasagna), (#12) Bucati (hollow large spaghetti), (#14) Maccheroni (macaroni), (#16) Biscotti (cookies). The smaller model "Pastamaster 2200" produces 2.2 lbs. of pasta and includes 6 pasta dies
Price:  $239.00


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